Aasly Marine is a marine consultant and project management company offering high quality supervision and technical support of ship new building, repair and convention projects to ship owners and shipping related companies all over the world.


We supervise a wide range of different types and size of vessels like bulk carriers, oil and chemical tankers, offshore vessels, dredgers etc.  

Our company has further completed several different types of marine inspections for different Ship Owners and Banks.

We have successfully completed more than 100 ship new buildings, and with several ongoing projects in many different areas of China.

Aasly Marine which was founded in Norway in year 2001, offer a wide range of services to the maritime community based on our qualifications and experience, and our professionals are as follows:


- Marine consultants.

- Project Management.

- Plan approval.

- Ship new building supervision of all type of vessels.

- Repair and dry docking supervision of all type and size of vessels.

- Cargo tank coating inspections and evaluations.

- Marine survey of old and new vessels.

- Survey of shipyards.

- Survey of drilling related equipment.

- Third party inspections.

- Cargo securing inspections.
- Inspection prior to demolition/recycling of vessels
We work with ship owners and oil related companies, and our experienced Shanghai based technical team is the guarantee that the owners get the best service and results.

It is our vision to become a long-term partner for our customers.


Years in business have turned us into a reliable Company with an impressive business record. 


We understand the requirements of a ship owner.


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